Pre-train your mind models. We have invited inspiring speakers to present latest developments in AI. Their talks will kick-start our event, before participating team pitches.


Nathan Benaich
Investor, nathan.ai

Nathan is an investor, technologist and former research scientist. He works with companies that solve challenging and valuable problems using breakthrough technologies including, but not limited to, artificial intelligence.

Nathan was previously a Partner at Playfair Capital, where he has invested in 33 technology companies across the US and Europe including Mapillary, Numerai, and Ravelin. Nathan led their thesis of investing in artificial intelligence and other breakthrough technologies that solve valuable problems to create category leading companies. He set up the annual Research and Applied AI Summit and co-run the London.AI meetup, that brings together leading academics, entrepreneurs, engineers, investors and thought leaders working in the field to accelerate the future of AI.

Prior to Playfair, Nathan has earned an M.Phil and Ph.D. in computational and experimental cancer research as a Gates and Dr. Herchel Smith Scholar at the University of Cambridge, and a BA in biology from Williams College. He has published research that leverages both experimental and computational approaches to understand how we might stem the fatal spread of cancer around the body.

Nathan's talk:

AI is the new electricity

Innovation in technology brings much needed novel approaches to bear on hard, high-value problems that we face in the world. Importantly, this includes problems that were previously unrealistic to solve from either a technical or commercial standpoint. In this talk, I will argue that we are now at the right place and time for artificial intelligence to be the set of technology advancements that can help us solve challenges where answers reside in data. While we have already seen a few AI bull and bear markets since the 50’s, this time it’s different. If this holds true, the implications are immensely valuable for all.



Science and technology enthusiast, researcher and developer at Neurotechnology, associate professor at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Raimond's talk:


Complexity and „deepness“ of modern AI networks, different levels of abstraction and representation, make modern neural networks an interesting tool in artistic applications. When training a network for complex practical tasks, it is possible to reuse the learnt representations to generate new images and transfer chosen painter’s style onto them.


Shai Dekel
Head of AI, WIX

Shai serves as the head of AI at WIX and is an associate visiting professor at the school of mathematics, Tel Aviv university.

Shai's talk:

Perspectives on AI

Shai will give an overview talk and share his perspective on the massively disruptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave. Some of topics that will be discussed are: 

  • The AI roadmap @ WIX as a case study
  • The key to success: data curation for AI  
  • A systematic and constructive approach to the design, development and debugging of AI
  • Keeping up with the state-of-the-art in AI

Mindaugas Eglinskas
CEO, Magma Solutions

Entrepreneur, enthusiast of flying things and photography. Mindaugas is a CEO and founder of Magma Solutions and a lecturer at Vilnius University.

Mindaugas's talk:

AI for drones

AI creates new possibilities for drones and enables autonomous systems, where AI based image processing can be done on-board during flight. 
Our AirVision system covers advanced vision processing tasks for drones from moving object detection, tracking to classification using deep neural networks.


Egidijus Pilypas
Co-founder, Exacaster

Egis is a Chief Data Scientist at Exacaster. Over the last 10 years he has been using AI and Machine learning to solve 100's of real life business challenges.

Egidijus's talk:

AI: why will my children be hipsters?

This talk will be about AI disruptive impact on our careers, our work on accelerating the disruption and how to stay ahead of the game.